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Visualize Data Instantly

Healthcare professionals look to us to solve their biggest problems. We provide them high value access to never before available data. It’s about doing more, quickly, with complex information. It’s about the opportunity that greater insight brings.

Predictive Analytics

Heath services around the world are struggling to adapt to ever increasing demands. An aging population and the increasing cost of health care are creating huge strains on the industry. We deliver deeper insights, cultivate smarter decisions that promote better care and cost reductions. We have the expertise to identify, construct and manage real solutions to problems thought unsolvable.
We are the A Team.

Leverage All Information

The pressures to demonstrate cost effective solutions are huge. Decisions must be informed by accurate, relevant and integrated information across multiple channels of controlled and uncontrolled real life situations. MedCnect leverages proprietary and top of industry hardware and software solutions with 30 plus years of healthcare problem solving to create solutions you would never dreamed possible. Strong ROI, advanced at your fingers analytics and a substantial improvement in day to day health management. MedCnect…


custom systems for actionable results

Capitation Seepage Recovery

Recover millions in revenue! Track refused claims as well. Our visual dashboard lets you instantly see your problem areas. Drill down by Practice, Practitioner, Hospital and more.

Reclaim 80% Or More

With instant filters we use color, size, maps and charts to give you exactly the information you need. Birds eye view to individual patient, you can filter the information and make valuable, revenue changing decisions in minutes.

Senior Care Tracking Systems

Know where your senior residents are at all times. Set up any location or doorway with standard or emergency notification by text or email. Never lose track again.

App Monitored Red Zones

Throw away your keys! Your staff and senior residents can open, or more importantly not open any door in the building with a wristband or fob. Track staff interactions including time, duration and location.

Time And Engagement Analysis

Streamline Time & Engagement Audits. Know time, date, duration and location of every subject in your study instantly. Make valuable decisions in minutes!

Actionable Decisions In Minutes

With instant filters we use color, size, maps and charts to give you exactly the information you need. Birds eye view to individual interactions, you can filter the information and make valuable, revenue changing decisions in minutes.

Actionable Data Reporting

Questions Answered As Fast As You Can Think Them. Raw Data is ugly. Excel spreadsheets are mind numbing. See data as you have never seen it before!

Reporting That Is Understandable

Imagine all of the answers to your most important questions available right there at your fingertips. You don’t even need to know the right way to ask. Our intuitive systems know how you want your answers provided, even before you do.

Intelligent Locating Systems

Ideal for hospitals who must adhere to strict health and safety regulations. Analyze the location and interaction of patients, doctors, staff. or anything else.

Track Valuable Personnel And Assets

Custom solutions allow for legacy system integration. Locate Doctors, Staff and Patients. Easily control access to areas or notify of improper location.

Full System Integrations

We connect all of your data systems into a manageable, adaptable system. Information you never knew available connected to legacy data.

Single Practice To Multi Hospital

Component based systems allow us to install only the technology you need in the places you need it. Cost effective, non-invasive to install and ROI focused.


and open up a whole new world of possibility


as fast as you can think them

Imagine all of the answers to your most important questions available right there at your fingertips. You don’t even need to know the right way to ask. Our intuitive systems know how you want your answers provided, even before you do. Stop wasting time and let us show you how we can track your most important information, and then provide it to you through our actionable, adaptable dashboard.

Raw data is ugly! It is cumbersome and for most, unusable. There are countless ways to combine data and a seemingly infinite number of relationships to detect. We not only source the data but package it in a responsive adaptive dashboard that you can use from your tablet or computer. This is something you have never seen before and, when we show it to you, will wonder how you did your job without it.

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that solve real problems

Healthcare costs can quickly spin out of control. Misallocation of resources can quickly bring down quality of care. To keep efficiency and profitability moving in the right direction, you need to see all your key healthcare reporting metrics across hospitals, programs, regions and clinics. You need to cut that data many different ways and share it with key employees in order to manage your business more effectively. We customize your interactive web based dashboard to:

  • Understand profitability by multiple metrics. If you can think it, we can track it.
  • Identify patterns of cost and profitability by admission method and specialty.
  • Measure time and location of your staff’s interactions between each other and patients.
  • Allow staff to quickly manipulate key data points in real time to assist critical decision making.
  • Actionable answers to your most important questions in minutes
  • We are the gateway between data and actionable knowledge
  • Cloud based for easy accessibility from desktop, laptop or phone
  • MedCnect is the key to expanded knowledge and understanding
  • Non-Invasive hardware installations are unobtrusive and accurate
  • Full time customer service provides you the help when you need it
  • No more paper. Our system is 100% digital and adaptable

Generating actionable insights through analytics to yield better outcomes: Through analytics, MedCnect provides the actionable information our healthcare clients need to tailor unique care plans for patients while also managing care plans and improving patient health. Additional goals might be to identify high-risk populations for focused care.

By using increasing amounts of data, we help rethink the workforce and workflows: Technology is used to adjust the workforce, which can reduce costs and improve quality. The end result is to adjust staffing based on advances in technology. Digital technology can be used to ensure physicians are practicing at the top of their licenses and leverage care extenders, such as nurse practitioners, when appropriate.

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why it makes a difference

Anything Connected To Everything   |   Everywhere

MedCnect is the gateway between never before accessible data and actionable knowledge. We create connectivity between your staff, patients, equipment, and consumables and provide the knowledge of who, what, when and where at your fingertips. If you have questions we have answers! Our solutions are open, versatile, highly customizable, fully scalable and stress free. We install and manage the noninvasive hardware and customize the reporting dashboards to provide best in class solutions.

Bluetooth, RFID, WiFi   |   The List Goes On

Bluetooth beacons are small hardware devices that wirelessly broadcasts a radio signal at regular intervals that can be detected by nearby devices containing Bluetooth receivers such as a smartphones, and fixed receivers which can accurately identify indoors positioning, movement, temperature, heartbeat, or many other things. Due to their use of Bluetooth Low Energy technology, they consume very little power so they usually have small self-contained cell batteries which enables them to function independently of external power sources for months or even years. Consumer products using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) include, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Jawbone, Etc. RFID and WiFi are variations on the concept of radio signal tracking and have pros and cons. MedCnect utilizes a blended mix of all three technologies (plus GPS) to create state of the art systems for modern healthcare providers.

Reliable Micro Tracking  |   Endless Possibilities

Reliable sub-meter positioning is paramount to a location based live asset management system. We use a host of proprietary and manufactured technologies to ensure the right equipment is implemented. Tracking can be movement, temperature, acceleration, duration or any other variable. Additional levels of sophistication can be added like; area access, emergency procedures, usage statistics, etc. Since the possibilities are endless, every day seems to bring us new opportunities to make the impossible a reality.


we knew that is what you wanted

We Want Data Simpler And More Actionable. Don’t You?

What do you wish you knew? It is what keeps us up at night. We create systems that track anything. People, places, equipment and consumables. If you can think it we can create a system for it. We don’t stop there. It is not enough to gather the data.

We know the value of your time so we built a dashboard that provides actionable information in minutes. This is something you have to see to believe. Birds eye view to individual data points, you can see exactly the information you need to valuable, revenue changing decisions.

Skills We Use

Objective 95%
User Interface 98%
Efficient Technology 97%
Client Satisfaction 99%


who are supported by amazing teams

Joey Petelle

With multiple patents, and more on the way, Joey is our “mad scientist”. If you can think it, Joey and his team of developers, electrical engineers, manufacturers and just plain brilliant minds can create a solution. Add to that his ability to place companies on the INC 500 list and you quickly understand why he is on our team.

Steve Schramm

Steve has spent 30+ years developing innovative health care strategies. As the founder of Optumas, a leader in the health care reform industry, he believes in building teams that are nimble, flexible, engaged who care about their clients and their clients’ needs. Steve is responsible for forging our client’s strategy development, risk management and analysis. He is our quarterback.

Ben Rockefeller

Ben or “Big Data Ben” as we call him has more than 20yrs of experience in the IT Industry. He is a genius at turning data into understandable and actionable information. Ben loves data management & warehousing, business intelligence & analytics, enterprise architecture, process engineering, people management, and infrastructure architecture/engineering.


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